Health Foundation of South Florida shares 2023 Impact Report

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In 2023, the Health Foundation advanced health equity as a catalyst, convener, innovator, and investor, leaving an indelible mark on the health and well-being of South Floridians. With more than $4M of new investments in grants and program support, the Foundation touched 86,000 individuals and convened hundreds across our community who share the Foundation’s vision that all South Floridians have an equal opportunity to achieve optimal health.

To that end, the Health Foundation established four health equity collaboratives, bringing together more than 27 partners, including health systems, health plans, and community-based organizations, to build programs to advance health equity. These multi-year initiatives have been designed to reduce health disparities by addressing the social needs of individuals and ensuring accessible healthcare. We are proud of the progress being made and are pleased to share some of our early successes.

Because of the intrinsic connection between health and economic well- being, the Health Foundation’s catalytic support for the South Florida Anchor Alliance Regional Marketplace enabled the launch of an online marketplace to foster equitable procurement and to increase spending on local, small, minority-owned businesses by our community’s largest Anchor institutions. With 11 Anchor members and over 1,400 local vendors participating in the pilot project, the web-based portal matches procurement opportunities with local and small businesses bidding on procurement opportunities as a result of the Regional Marketplace. The Health Foundation is grateful for the procurement leaders who have been building and promoting the pilot Regional Marketplace collectively.

Additionally, the Health Foundation increased its support for Black-led organizations by investing in programs and capacity-building to support leaders and organizations tackling health, social, and economic justice issues that are barriers to community health and well-being. Direct funding supported community-driven initiatives addressing neighborhood violence and trauma, serving recently homeless families, creating a powerful peace and prosperity program, and practicing street medicine. Additional funding supported 15 grassroots organizations with leadership development and coaching to increase fundraising capacity.

Lastly, we saw the fruits of our first impact investment, a $1M investment in the Florida Community Loan Fund (FCLF).

As we carry the momentum forward, with $4M in newly-awarded grants and more than $11M in on-going multi-year grants from the Health Foundation, we celebrate our 53 grantee organizations and the countless partners who have joined in our shared pursuit for a healthier, more equitable future for South Florida.

Together, we will continue to make a lasting impact on our community.


Loreen Chant, CEO
Mike DeLucca, Board Chair

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